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Codeine phosphate is indicated for:  the relief of mild to moderate pain (including pain associated with terminal illness, post-operative pain, headache and cough), • the relief of symptoms of diarrhoea (except diarrhoea caused by poisoning)

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Codeine is a painkiller which you can get in tablet, case or fluid structure. Since this is a prescription medication given by your doctor only, you can always apply this prescription to put in your request online on our site. This drug prescription use makes your pain from serious to mild.

They are available in 90Pills, 120 Pills and 400 Pills Cans. The pricing range is between $240 to 500$. Codeine is useful for relief in pains associated with post operation, terminal illness and relief of diarrhea symptoms.

Our shipping policy is 24 hours after confirmed payment receipt. We supply worldwide right from America to European countries, Asian countries etc. Orders are not accepted for shipment on weekends. We cater only from Monday to Friday. Shipping is free inside USA states and not outside of USA. Alaska and Hawaii are chargeable for Shipping.

We follow discreet policy for all our dispatches and our commitment for delivery. Our standard delivery time outside USA is 2-3 days. IF we fail to our commitments, we refund or send second package to make customers satisfied and happy.

In case of urgency, you need to call us or do the process before 16:30 pm of the same day for dispatch. You also need to give your delivery address in detail required for the successful and in time delivery. We normally follow our delivery schedules.

We accept payment modes like BITCOIN and PayPal as well as Zelle App. We also recommend Western Union Money Transfer. It is also a safe, secure and discreet way to pay for our orders.

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